Welcome! Tours available in and around Vienna

Vienna – the beautiful capital of Austria with its centuries-old history – is the imperial city of Empress Maria Theresa, and also of Emperor Franz Joseph and his beautiful wife Sissi. It is the capital of music, of Mozart, Strauss and other famous composers. This magnificent city boasts beautiful buildings, museums, and churches, but also shelters a multitude of small, winding, and silent hidden streets.

Are you looking for an experienced guide who can show you the city’s splendors and highlights, tailored to your personal wishes?
Then you have come to the right place!

I will guide you, depending on your preferences, either on foot, by bicycle, by private car, in your tourist coach or by public transport, enthusiastically telling you stories and interesting facts about the city which has been my home for more than 25 years. You will hear tales of the Babenberg and Habsburg families, the music and composers, the changes over the centuries, and the countless attractions in Vienna. Let Vienna enchant you and give enduring memories to take home with you.

There is also plenty to see and do in the immediate vicinity of Vienna: small towns steeped in history and with magnificent buildings such as the beautiful monastery in Klosterneuburg, the monastery in Melk, and also the picturesque old towns of Baden and Tulln, where the artist Egon Schiele was born. And don’t forget the Wachau, a UNESCO Heritage Site that is beautifully situated on the Danube. The Wachau produces excellent and delicious wines which you can sample with me at wine tastings.

Most importantly, however, you should really enjoy your vacation … and I would be happy to help you in making it a fantastic one.

Flip Maas