Art Nouveau in Vienna

  • Een oude station van de Stadbahn ontworpen door Otto Wagner in Wenen
    Österreich Werbung/Nehring

Although the Art Nouveau era was of short duration (1890-1918), many buildings of this art style characterize the cityscape of Vienna. The most famous ones are the metro stations and bridges as well as some other buildings such as the old post office building, which was planned and built by Otto Wagner. Other architects, such as Olbrich and Fabiani, also designed buildings in this style.

Art Nouveau is much more than just architecture, though. The paintings by Gustav Klimt are particularly remarkable. Most of the Art Nouveau artists, however, focused on designing everyday objects such as furniture and tableware. In addition, several of the famous Viennese coffee houses were established in Art Nouveau style.

On this special tour we walk through the city, passing the most important Art Nouveau buildings such as the former post office, while I recount the history of Art Nouveau and its main features. We also visit the Secession exhibition hall with the famous Beethoven Frieze, a powerful 78m² (840 ft²) painting by Klimt. Towards the end of our tour we go to an original Viennese coffee house with strong links to the Art Nouveau era.

Duration: about 1.5 to 2 hours