Bike outside Vienna

  • De oostzijde van het Stift Klosterneuburg in Oostenrijk
    Österreich Werbung/Zechany

A day trip by bicycle from Klosterneuburg to Tulln (or vice versa)

We start this trip at the train station Klosterneuburg-Kierling near Vienna. After a short city tour we visit the magnificent monastery “Stift Klosterneuburg”, where the Babenberg family, predecessors of the Habsburg dynasty, had its first fortress. It was only in the middle of the 12th century when the Babenbergers moved to Vienna, where they established the capital city. The Stift Klosterneuburg has a history spanning over 900 years and houses a magnificent treasury (with the famous Erzherzogshut – or Archducal hat), an excellent museum with the famous Babenberg family tree, important paintings of the Danube school, and other special medieval works of art, like its masterpiece, the famous altar by Nicolas van Verdun.

Afterwards we cycle along the Danube to the village Zeiselmauer where we have lunch, after which we visit the village with its Roman ruins. Zeiselmauer was an important barrack during the Roman period and was called Cannabiaca.

Then we continue to the garden city of Tulln, which we will tour on foot. We will visit the birthplace of the famous painter Egon Schiele, the medieval chapel with its ossuary, and St. Stephen’s Church. While strolling along the bank of the Danube, I will tell you interesting facts about the Roman history and the Nibelungen Ring. Of course, in-between we will have time for a coffee break and may also decide to visit the Schiele Museum or the Roman Museum.
At the end of the day, the train brings us back to Klosterneuburg or, if desired, to Vienna.



This tour can also be carried out in reverse direction. Both owned and rented bikes (approx. €25/bike per day) can be used. The tour can also be taken in a car. In this case we do not stop in Zeiselmauer but instead have our lunch in Klosterneuburg.
Maximum of 12 people

Duration: all day
Price: €360, excluding bike rental, drinks and lunch