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    Österreich Werbung/Homberger

Wienerwald: Baden – Heiligenkreuz – Mayerling – Gumpendorf 

This day trip can be booked by large (by bus) as well as small groups (private or rented car).

First we will drive to Baden, the city in which the richer inhabitants of Vienna spent their holidays and weekends in the 19th century. Several emperors and composers lived (and worked) there, mainly because of the many thermal baths, but also because of the entertainment in the outdoor theatre and (later) also because of the Casino in Baden. We will walk through the city and visit the Beethoven Museum: Beethoven wrote his Symphony No. 9 (with the famous Ode to Joy). If desired, we will have a snack in Baden and head to the Abbey Heiligenkreuz afterwards, which is Cistercian monastery founded in the 12th century. We will have a tour through the monastery and the church and you will hear all the stories about the Babenberg, the family that ruled Austria before the Habsburgs. You will also receive information on the life of the monks of the past and today.

Furthermore we will also visit the hunting lodge Mayerling, where in the late 19th century the tragedy happened: Crown Prince Rudolf and his (illegitimate) girlfriend committed suicide.

Finally we will drive to Gumpendorf, a beautiful authentic wine village. There we will take a short walk and then visit a wine tavern, where we will have a peasant meal with music and wine. Full and satisfied we will head back in the early evening back to Vienna.

Duration: all day
(Admission not included in tour price).

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