Sisi Museum

  • De vormalig eetkamer van Sisi in de Hofburg
    Österreich Werbung/Trumler

The Sissi Museum and the Imperial Apartments

Many people have heard about or seen the famous films about Sissi, the happy, popular, and beautiful Empress Elisabeth (played by the famous Austrian actress Romy Schneider) and her husband Francis Joseph.

It is therefore not surprising that the apartments of the Hofburg where the imperial couple resided are now dedicated to the Empress and her husband, the Emperor who reigned over the country for 68 years. Sissy’s life is documented here – from birth until her death by murder.
But who was Sissi in reality? What was her background and what was she really like? What did she do and what influenced her life? Was she really as happy as presented in the movies? The clear answer is: No!

You will hear the whole true story as we walk through the Sissi Museum and see her famous clothing, a rebuilt train cabin, her make-up kit, and much more. In addition, you can marvel at some of her poems that reveal a great deal about her state of mind. We will visit the apartments where Sissi lived with her husband, mainly during the winter months, if she was in the country at all. The living room, office, fitness equipment, and the bedroom. I have all the interesting stories and facts ready for you.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
(Admission not included in tour price)