St. Stephen’s Cathedral

  • Uitzicht Wenen Oostenrijk
    Österreich Werbung/Popp Hackner

St. Stephen’s Cathedral: inside and outside

Majestic St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands right in the center of Vienna. The cathedral is visible from nearly everywhere in the city, with its immense south tower which is still one of the highest church towers in the world. It is truly one of THE landmarks of Vienna.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a magnificent and beautiful cathedral with a long history and many “peculiarities”. The construction of the cathedral began in the 13th century, the early Gothic era, and continued for centuries. But why is the south tower significantly higher than the north one? What can be told about the Pummerin, one of the largest bells in the world? What is the story behind the two iron bars on the left side of the main entrance? What is there to tell about all the statues and sculptures? And that’s only looking at the exterior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Inside there are the vaults, the tomb of Frederick III, the servants mother of God, and particularly the magnificent pulpit. All this and much more, each with its own special stories and meanings, is there to astound us.

Duration: 1 hour
This is a good tour to be combined with one of the walking tours.
(Admission not included in the tour price)